How To Start Your Digital Marketing Agency: Complete Guide

Last Updated on July 18, 2023

how to start digital marketing agency

We are living in a digital era. Everything is online. Be it education, work, entertainment, and whatnot! Due to this paradigm shift, most businesses have taken the digital route. So, they require the internet for their growth. That is where digital marketing comes into the picture. A digital marketing agency is the future of marketing. Here, you will know how to start a digital marketing agency.

Before knowing how to start a digital marketing agency, let’s understand why you should choose this field.

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Why Choose Digital Marketing?

Gone are the days when people spent millions to telecast their 20-second ad on television. Now, it is the digital era. And social media has become very addictive, especially among Gen Z. So, digital marketing is an effective way to attract young customers.

Here are some reasons why the digital marketing field is attractive:

High demand due to growth in the digital economy

By now, you would have understood how rapidly it is growing. Due to this exponential growth, there has been a high demand for digital marketers. So, this field has immense future potential.

High revenue due to shortage of skilled professionals

There is a high demand for digital marketers. So, it is only natural that many people entered (or at least tried to) the field of digital marketing. But the majority of them did not have the required skills. So, they couldn’t survive for long.

It created an acute shortage of skilled digital marketers. That is why you can earn hefty revenue if you have enough skills.

Attractive returns due to low cost

Generally, opening a business needs heavy capital investment. But that is not the case with digital marketing. All you need is a laptop, an internet connection, and the required software.

And the overall cost of all this equipment can be as low as Rs 40k. So, it is a low-cost business. Therefore, you can earn attractive returns on investment. And there is negligible risk to the property.

Simple to Start

Anyone can enter the field of digital marketing. There is no formal degree required. Just your passion and determination matter. However, you should have theoretical knowledge to some extent.

For doing this, the best way is to get Google Digital Marketing Certification. The best part is that you don’t even have to spend even a penny to do so. The course is free. And it is a recognized certification in the industry.

New Opportunities

‘Change is the only constant.’ In modern times, the statement is very relatable. Nowadays, technology is dynamic. So, changes in technology bring new opportunities along with it. So, there is no defined scope of digital marketing.


Digital marketing is not the typical 9-to-5 job. You can be completely flexible and work as per your choice. Although, you have to follow the trend. If you don’t want to do so, work hard enough to become a trendsetter.

If you start a digital marketing agency, you are your boss. So, you have the incentive to perform your best. 

Requirements for starting a Digital Marketing Agency

It is pretty easy to open a digital marketing agency. You can do it even at your home. But you require the following before doing so:


It is a one-stop solution to perform all the work.

Internet Connection

Digital marketers advertise through digital channels. And the internet is the biggest platform for marketing. So, it is only natural that you need an internet connection for various tasks.


Besides the above, you also need several marketing tools to make your work easier. They are:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools

These tools make your work visible to the people using the search engine. After all, people have become lazy. The majority of them won’t mind visiting the next page of the search engine.

So, your website should be on the top to yield the best results. And you require SEO tools to do so.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Due to its addictive nature, social media is like a second home for people. There are social media platforms for everyone. For example, Instagram for youth, Facebook for middle-aged and older people, and LinkedIn for professionals.

So, it becomes essential to find your target audience and promote yourself on the best-suited social media platform. For this, you require social media marketing tools.

Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing is the cheapest method of digital marketing. The best way to expand the email database is to create valuable content and make people subscribe to your mailing list. To manage an email database, you require email marketing tools.

Graphic Creation Tools

‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ Isn’t that right? Visuals have a long-lasting impact than text. So, use graphic creation tools to make attractive images and infographics.

Besides them, you can also use other tools of your choice.  

How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency?

You may wonder why we deviated from the main topic in the title itself. It is so because you should know the why before the how. That is the secret of a successful life.

Anyways, starting a digital marketing agency is no rocket science. You can start it even from your home. If you wish to know the detailed process, go on ahead.

Build Online Presence

The first step to start your digital marketing agency is to build an online presence. After all, you can’t expect to get clients offline when your whole business depends on the digital world. You can do so by creating a website and accounts on different social media platforms.

Build your brand

Merely creating accounts won’t fulfil your goals. You have to build your brand to make yourself reach people. You must have heard of Ankur Warikoo. How do many people know about him? It is because he built a brand out of himself by being active on different social media platforms.

Use the power of social media by creating likeable content. You can also engage with popular accounts to make your brand visible to people.   

Get new clients and retain them

After you build your brand, you will get your clients. The higher you put in efforts to build your brand, the more clients you will get.

But getting new clients is not the end solution, as it is a well-known fact that the substantial risk in business is the instability of income. So, do the projects to the best of your abilities to retain the clients. It will create a stable income for you.

Register your business

Our nation boasts of the longest-written constitution in the world. So, you can expect how many legal requirements will be there. No doubt, you will have to comply with them as well.

For this, the first step is to register your business. You can do it in the form of a proprietorship firm or a one-person company. If you find like-minded people during your journey, you can also establish a partnership firm.

Make your dream team

You cannot be a one-person army. And being a jack of all trades won’t get you anywhere. So, it is essential to hire people for different roles in your organization.

Your dream team includes a content specialist to create valuable content. It is because content marketing is the most effective way to market yourself. You also need a graphic designer to create attractive images for thumbnails and social media posts. What’s more, you should have a Social Media Manager to manage all your social media platforms. You can choose other professionals as per your requirements.

Develop a niche

Initially, you can accept any client as the number of clients will be less. But this strategy won’t work in the long run. With time, your business will grow. So will your clients. That is why you should develop a niche for specialization.

After choosing your niche, stay updated with the latest trends. And use them to gain popularity on social media platforms.

Summing Up

Digital Marketing is a new and dynamic field. So, it has a lot of opportunities and future potential. It makes a digital marketing agency a suitable option for a low-cost business. Before starting one, you need a laptop, internet and software for doing various tasks.

But it is not that easy to operate a business. You have to worry about the finances and legal compliances as well. But don’t worry. Enalo is your one-stop solution. With the help of Payment Links and Payment Pages, you can accept payments easily from your clients. Payouts help in managing the expenses. You can even create GST-Compliant invoices as well.

Just focus on the core operations. Leave the rest to us.

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