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UPI: All you need to know as a Customer And Merchant.

What is UPI?

UPI stands for Unified Payment Interface. It permits us the transfer money from one bank account to another instantly through a smartphone. Payments can be made through an app on a mobile device only. The money transfer via UPI works 24×7.

How does it work?

For using UPI, the user need to create a Virtual ID or Virtual Payment Address (VPA) of his/her choice to link UPI to any bank account. This process does not need any recipient or payer to share bank details. The VPA acts as financial address and there is no need to remember beneficiary account number, IFSC code or net banking user ID/password for sending or receiving money.

UPI Registration

Registration in 3 simple and easy steps:

Generating M-PIN (Mobile-banking Personal Identification Number)

Benefits for Merchants

Benefits for Customers

Minimum requirement for UPI transaction

Advantages of using UPI

Security Measures

Enalo provides payment collection facility through UPI.

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